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We are a Load Planning, Dispatching, Logistics and Administrative Service for Owner Operators and Small Fleets.  You will find no other service more reliable or professional.  We serve carriers, and small fleets that want to maximize their profits.

Specializing in FLATBEDS, HOTSHOT, & STEP-DECK.  Let us coordinate your loads and lanes to save your company stress and overhead.  We can optimize your profits by generating loads and potential lanes that keep trucks running and generating revenue.

We do not only plan and dispatch your truck,  we will successfully negotiate top rates from brokers and  shippers for you on each load as part of our service.  We’ll make your company optimize the time spent out on the road.  We are a full-time service.
Your personal dispatcher will work hard to find and secure the best paying loads while keeping your TRUCK loaded and rolling.  Using our truck dispatch service PAYS FOR ITSELF!  NO CONTRACT AGREEMENT!
Our Dispatch Supervisors were Drivers or O/Os at one time.
  1. LOAD
    Top Rate Negotiations Credit Checks Broker/Shipper Setups Sending Documents 24/7 Dispatch Support Personal Dispatch Team Quick pay requests Certificates of Insurance Requests Driver direction assistance Factoring setup assistance Detention and Truck order not used collections This area is fully editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.
  2. PLAN
    Imagine the power of having a professional freight dispatcher assigned specifically to moving your truck and committed to keeping you loaded and rolling with consistent profitable freight.
    It is our responsibility to locate acceptable freight and negotiate the rates with our customer base, shippers, or freight brokers. then offer these loads to the trucks that choose to be part of our network.